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Disposable Products

Flora Plus Apron


Dental Apron

Dental Apron (Code 5602-5603)

Flora Plus Apron (Code 4912-4917)


Pure Roll Men (Code 1363)


Paper Tray (Code 1231)


Disposable Resin Applicator

Disposable Resin Applicator (Code 1577-1579)


Disposable Inner-Fit Gloves

Inner Fit Glove - Full Finger (Code 4331)

Inner Fit Glove - Fingerless (Code 4332)


Hepa R3 Mask - Size S


No fluff B.S.A.Power Cloth (Autoclave-able)

Multi Purpose Power Cloth (Code 948)


Bambina Paper Cup

Florescup Paper Cups (100 pcs) 5oz

''Florescup'' Paper Cup (Code 4484)

''Bambina'' Paper Cup (Code 4842)

Eco Paper Towel

Eco Paper Towel (Code 1258)


Stera Gauze (Code 1212)


Sterile Disposable Dental Mirror (100 Pcs)

Sterile Disposable Dental Probe (Code 6512)

Sterile Disposable Dental Mirror (Code 6212)


Size S - 50mm (Code 55541)

Size M - 75mm (Code 55542)

Size L - 100mm (Code 55543)

Size LL - 150mm (Code 55544)

Syringe (Code 8801)

Syringe with Double Side Tape (Code 8802)

Reel Type (Code 8804)

LED Light Cure (Code 8808)

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